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Add peace of mind to your order with this hassle-free insurance add-on.

Carriers lose packages and damage them... it is a fact which is especially true right now with Covid-19 related delays with US Postal Service. 

Traditionally when packages are lost or damaged, there is a waiting period between 14-21 days before a claim can be filed with the carrier for reimbursement.  This is because they want that time to try to find and deliver the package without having to payout on the claim. 

This insurance by-passes slow carrier wait times and provides speedy refunds or re-shipments of your order.

  • If your order is damaged.

    • Take photo's immediately if possible, but no more than 2 calendar days after the delivery.  The photo's must show the condition of the box (both inside and out) along with the damaged content.
    • Then simply call us or open a ticket and upload the photo's along with a short statement about what you received. 
    • We will process a refund or a replacement order for you.
  • If your order is lost (undelivered).

    • Deliveries should take no more than 3-5 BUSINESS days AFTER the date the package is picked up.  However the carriers have recently been running a little slower sometimes and that has to be accounted for.
    • We've found the best way to determine a lost package is that if it has been more than 5 business days after the carrier received the package AND 3 or more days since the last tracking update then the package is most likely lost and you should file a claim with us.
    • Simply call us or open a ticket to make us aware of the tracking status.  We will check the tracking with the above guidelines and process a refund or a replacement order for you.

For either claim we need proof of the loss.  Photos allow us to process a damaged claim and a tracking number that does not show delivery is all the proof needed for an undelivered package claim.

Does NOT cover Porch or Mailbox Piracy! 

Just as if someone steals your personal property (car, television, computer, etc.), we are not liable for theft from your property.  If you experience a missing package that shows delivered, you should contact the local carrier office responsible for delivering your package because they have the ability to track their vehicles and determine where the package was delivered.  All claims for negligent loss should be filed with the carrier due to their contract of carriage liability when assuming control of the package.

Free Carrier included insurance by shipping method.

Each shipment comes with carrier included insurance (if available) if you choose not to purchase shipping insurance.  Below are the limits for the carriers and their shipping methods.

Keep in mind that this is free by the carrier, but requires us to wait for USPS Priority and UPS ground claim times before we can file a loss claim which means we cannot process a new shipment or refund until the claim is settled.

  • USPS First Class Mail - No insurance offered by USPS
  • USPS Priority Mail - Limited up to $100.00 total order cost (including shipping cost)
  • UPS - Limited up to $100.00 total order cost (including shipping cost)

We recommend adding this insurance to ALL USPS First Class orders since it is the only way to insure that shipping method as well as any deliveries from other carriers where you cannot wait the carrier claim times in the event a loss or damage occurs.  Using this insurance ensures that a shipment is sent out by the next business day providing the order items are still available.

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