Base 80 NicBase

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Delosi® Labs Base 80 | 60mL | Pre-filled Flavor Shot Ready NicBase.

The easiest way to DIY. Each 60mL bottle comes pre-filled with 48mL of premixed nicotine base (or 0mg NicBase) with enough room to add up to 15mL (25%) flavoring. We recommend using no more than 12mL flavoring (20%) in order to leave enough room for shaking.

Once filled and mixed, each bottle will be 30/70 (PG/VG) or approximately if more or less than 12mL flavoring is used.

Both caps are included with the white CRC Caps on the bottle.  This is to allow you to add your flavoring without having to squeeze it through a tiny hole.

When you are ready to mix, simply remove the white cap and foil liner, add your flavoring then screw on the pointed cap (with the tip already inside) then warm and shake.