NicSalt Liquids

NicSalt Liquids

Delosi Labs provides premium nicotine salt blends using propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or a 50/50 mix of each. Our NicSalt Base is made with the purest nicotine available and is then sent through an acidification process where it is converted into a more stable, neutral PH version of nicotine that we refer to as salt.  Finally, the salted nicotine is then blended to your desired strength in your choice of our USP Grade eLiquid bases (Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin). Our Blended Nicotine Salt Bases are available in strengths up to 100mg/ml. 

Due to the Acidification process, there will be a more pronounced color to the Nicotine Salt.  Even though this SaltBase is Benzoic Acid free, the other acids used during the salt process will lend a color and unique oder to the product.  This is a result of the acidification process and not an indicator of spoilage.  Under ideal storage conditions, we are estimating 5 years of useful shelf life.

Using our salts, you will experience the smoothest hits possible as well as the most flavor transfer in your e-Liquids.   Our salts are recommended to be used just like standard nicotine dilutions.  if you want to make 3mg in a 30ml bottle you would still use 0.90mL of 100mg/mL salt or Regular nicotine base.

Easy to use! Measure and dilute the same as NicBase.

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