24mm Press-In Bottle Adapter | Fits Our 120mL and 250mL Sized Bottles



Press-in, self-sealing syringe bottle adapter for use with all Delosi brand 120mL and 250mL sized bottles.

These press-in bottle closures allow oral syringes, any luer slip syringe or blunt tip needle to draw the exact amount needed while reducing the risk of spill, evaporation and contamination. They fit snugly into most bottles in their size range (above) allowing original child-resistant (C/R) caps to fit over the closures. They feature flexible sealing rings for compatibility with a range of bottle sizes.

To use, simply insert the tip of an syringe or blunt needle into the center of the closure, turn the bottle over (so the syringe is pointing up) and draw a measured amount then remove the tip. The auto-resealing closure quickly re-closes providing a safe and clean seal.


  • Fits all of our Blue PET Flavoring, NicBase & NicSalt Bottles in 120mL & 250mL size.
  • Maximize dosing accuracy without drawing in air bubbles
  • Prevent evaporation, spills and contamination
  • Original child-resistant and standard caps fit over the adapters
  • Easy-to-read syringe dose marks never enter the bottle
  • Prevent waste by always getting the last drop of medication
  • Limit accidental access even when C/R caps are removed
  • Locking fins make it difficult to remove by children and ensure the seal is leak proof when the bottle is inverted
  • Septum can be pierced multiple times and will automatically re-seal
  • Tested for reliable, leak-proof operation at 0 degrees C or 32 degrees F


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